The networking activity encourages the exchange of information and awareness-raising actions with interested parties in a wider area. Through networking, national and European projects that address similar problems are identified in order to build a network. LIFE PHOENIX relates in particular to projects funded by the Life Programme, but also takes into consideration other similar programs and initiatives at national and European level.

Life Lagoon Refresh
The project foresees the diversion of a freshwater flow from the Sile river into the Venice lagoon, in order to recreate the salt gradient, restore the reedbed habitat, improve the lagoon environment and its biodiversity.
Interreg CIRCE2020
The project aims to facilitate a wider diffusion of the integrated environmental management approach in five specific industrial areas of Central Europe, in order to facilitate the transition from the linear economic model to the circular economic model.
The network focuses on the issues related to institutional integration, training and assessment of environmental and health impact, with the aim to overcome the fragmentary nature of the disciplines contributing to outline the relationship between health and the environment.
Life Risorgive
The project involves the restoration and consolidation of the green infrastructure, consisting in a network of resurgences and related environments, and the functional recovery of the ecosystem services.
Interreg Eco-AlpsWater
The main objective of Eco-AlpsWater is to improve the traditional monitoring approaches by using advanced DNA sequencing techniques such as metabarcoding.
An open international network for all stakeholders from different sectors and countries dealing with emerging soil contaminants. The aims are to exchange knowledge, to develop strategies and policies through co-creation, to raise awareness, and intensify collaboration between all stakeholders.
Life Vermeer
The project aims to deliver flexible and user-friendly software tools for the evaluation and substitution of harmful chemicals for humans and the environment.
The network enhances the exchange of information on emerging environmental substances, and encourages the validation and harmonisation of common measurement methods and monitoring tools so that the requirements of risk assessors and risk managers can be better met.